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Weather adaptation in Canada!

What does your country's weather feels like?

is it hot?

is it warm?

is it Cold or is it most likely hot?

Back in my hometown in the Philippines, there are some areas and places that are considered hot for others but cold to some, but most of the places are hot. Base on the weather information and my personal experience in the Philippines before coming to Canada, from December, January and February, it is most likely considered cold. While April and May recorded the hottest months of the year, and the rest of the months are hot regardless if its raining or not.

Here in Canada, June to September is the warmest and considered hot while December to April is most likely cold and snowy. In the first par weeks of April we can actually see the sun coming out but some of the weeks are being cloudy and sometimes cold but most of the time its warm.

If you are from the southern or middle eastern part countries, in which experiencing hot weather temperatures it will be a huge alteration in your body to adjust here in Canada or even in countries that has a colder weather. But since this is your choice of destination, you have to be aware that here in Canada it can be extremely cold, windy and even hot sometimes. If you are planning to live in some parts of Canada for example Yukon or Northwest Territories, winter is lasting for about 6-months or more but do not take it as a push back to not to live in this places. It can be a good thing if you are a cold lover person or you love living in hot places.

For me, as I came from most likely hot and warm weather, my body adjustments are a huge part of me trying to cope up with this new shift in my life. As for you who wants to try experiencing this new life changing weather its not an A/B choices for you to get nervous, its up to you to embrace wherever you want to stay for good.

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