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Top 5 List of things to consider while studying abroad!

Updated: Apr 15

Are you planning to study Overseas? not only in Canada but also in different countries in the world?

Let me give you some ideas on what to consider whenever you are trying to figure it out how to live in different countries in the world.

Here's my top 5 list,

Shelter Before traveling be sure to secure a place to live for the rest of your stay. Here in Canada there's a lot of places to visit and malls to go to but after the long travel and long hours in crowded places outside you will feel tiredness and you can only think of one thing, a place to live, stay and rest.

Cost of living

Cost of living abroad is way different because the currency is not the same, whenever you are traveling away from home, the most important and big chunk of your budget will be on food, allowance, maintenance(everyday fare, etc.) and sustainability if you have no intention of living on the streets.

Work Health and Safety

Health Insurance and Workplace safety precautions, Work safety will depends on the company you are working on because some of this big companies in Canada will not offer health insurance or accidents pay because they will be providing instead, safety rules and regulations to follow to avoid accidents for them not entitled for you not taking the rules seriously, and be mindful that you can say "No" to a not safe workplace or job.

If you are international student for only couple of years, you cannot get health insurance that easy, but don't worry you can have limited insurance under your school. In most cases, if you have no insurance to cover you, you will be charged higher than those that has one.

Security and Fraud

Be ware of Scams!

Scammers today are not only those guys asking you for donation or something in exchange of money after you land in the country. They are also digitalize now!, be careful with those spam messages on your mobile phones or email accounts in where they will give you a convincing or enticing words that you can possibly believe! and sooner or later you will be providing your banking information in which "DONNOT!" share your banking information to especially on every spam emails or text messages and even in-person whenever you don't know the person. "BE CAUTIOUS!"

Emotional Aspects

Home sickness is a big factor in facing new environment and all those "I misses.." words that will continue to haunt you through your stay but we all have that natural instincts to socialize with other types of people, making friends whatever their nationalities are. You can also experience culture shock in every aspects of things that you have never experienced yet.

On my personal experience here in Canada, I had trouble socializing while missing my family and hometown. Meeting new people and witnessing behaviors that I am not used for will be needing so much patience. Although it took me a long time figuring this out on myself, I still managed to blend in even if I am not good at communicating with different people especially in English, maybe because of language barrier, different cultures and more.

"You can never unravel and enjoy new excitements in your life if you can't get out of your shell." -Alvin Veras

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