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My Interests in PHOTOGRAPHY!

This photo was taken before and after winter starts!

When did I start getting interested in Photography? I don't recall.

But hey! I don't think that it would be a bad idea to try it. Right?

Though I saw a lot of eye-catching photos taken by great photographers especially in social media platforms like Instagram, etc.

Since I am just a starter, Not much knowledge on how to capture a beautiful picture or perfect angle for the subject is kind of hard or struggle to send the message from the image.

It helps a lot on learning how to take a great images through YouTube tutorials and Instagram tips from professional photographers. I even follow a lot of i fluencers that has the same interest as me in photography.

At first I think its because of the quality of the camera that im using, I often use my phone camera (Samsung A52s 5g) with 64MP, 2160p and sometimes my DSLR Camer (Canon EOS 60D) with 18MP, 1080p. It comes to the realization that no matter what camera you holds it can possibly give you the idea of sharing the message on how you shoot the photo by using it properly.

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