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Why do plans not planned?

Updated: Apr 15

Remember that day you are supposed to do that thing that you wanna do for a long long time but you don't have enough time to do it? or you felt like its not the right time to do it?

For all the activities I have found to enjoy my stay here in Canada specifically here in Toronto is, I want to explore and unwind in most of the beautiful places Toronto. But to make this happen I needed a plan.

But it's really annoying whenever you are ready to do this things, still you cannot because you can still feel its not the perfect time yet or unexpected things happen.

Currently I'm staying here in Toronto and I have a few places visited already like, Toronto Zoo, Rouge National Urban Park, and more. But as an international student and currently working, most of the time is pend my time at the college or working.

Planning such an event to explore the parks or places here in Canada for me is depending on my time allocation and or I have time for this to happen.

Lets say you are longing for a camping, you set all up, bought all the things you need, prepared every single gear that you will use and select the perfect place to go.

After the long preparation we suddenly changed our mind and not going instead!

Here's a few things why,

We occasionally get fresh new knowledge that shifts our viewpoint or modifies the details of our plans. For example, if the weather unexpectedly turns bad while you were intending to go on a camping or picnic, you might opt to rearrange your plans and do something indoors instead or even not doing anything at all!

Unforeseen circumstances or unexpected events often occurs that cause us to make a last-minute changes to our plans. For instance, a sudden illness, and unanticipated job deadline, or a crisis at home can all derail our plans and force us to make adjustments.

Sometimes, we just experience a change of heart or mind. Maybe we find that the activity is not as interesting as we initially believed, or maybe we start to be more interested in another possibility.

To wrap this up, we are trying to be active in both indoor or outdoor activities but we cannot tell if it can be possible, sometimes it can be possible and make a perfect timing for this things to happen, but most of the time it depends if we have enough time to do it so. And in myself it happens all the time and always ended up doing these things unplanned and for me this is the best part.

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