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I Can Draw as well!

Updated: Apr 3

Maybe you are wondering what you were about to witness in this post? Lol!

Let's say I know how to draw simple shapes and trace drawings to make it look self made!

Here's some sample I've made, just a sneak-peek;

This sample images is originally from my mobile device, I decided to capture it just incase I lost my notebook.

I am really not good at shadow shading but trying for me is and endless opportunity.

So after couple of trying to shade my drawings, of course I failed, but still I am eager to learn whatever I can to improve my drawings.

Here is what I've come up so far when practicing to shade my drawings, I used pencil instead to make it good looking drawings and its easier to make adjustments.

After so much trial and errors, still I can't figure it out how to shade perfectly or enough to attract my viewers, so I am thinking maybe I can try other ways of drawing and learning shading.

So I've come up with other options instead of drawing using pencil, I use iPad Pro 11inch 3rd Gen. with 2nd Gen. Apple Pencil. Though I have that idea of learning new styles of drawing, still my skills in drawing is way far from acceptable and my level of drawing is still in level 1 and I will not stop here so I will still keep on learning this things on my way.

If you are an aspiring illustrator or drawer, its not too late to explore new styles and new things in drawing and the opportunity is endless so get on with it! you will lose nothing!

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