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How to Survive a Family Gathering!

First, greet them with smiles and never ending praises!

but wait, you know I'm just making this up right!?

No, no no! I love my family especially my parents!

super supportive, guiding and yeah supportive!

not until they cut-off my allowance! uuuurgh!!!

but hey! lets forget about them they're good.

So, have you been into a family reunion or just gathering in where you have someone in your family you hate the most? those eye rolling moments you've done whenever you have family gathering and you will never understand and even accept he/she is always there!

I got something for you to lessen the irritation in your eyes and hate in your gums!

A) Be honest: If you don't want to see someone, it's okay to be honest with them. even better make an alibi to you parents! "Sorry mom/dad! , I can't go to your party. I have to stay home and count my socks."

B) Use a disguise: Wear a funny hat or put on a fake mustache to make yourself less recognizable. This can be a playful way to avoid someone without hurting their feelings.

C) no more C! face them and be patient with them its not their fault your not okay with them around!

Remember to be respectful and kind to others, even if you are attempting to avoid them. These suggestions are intended to be lighthearted and playful, so use them with caution and consideration!

still she/he is part of the family! ….for some reason.... LOOOOL!

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