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How to Catch someone's attention with just smile?

6:00am in the morning,

Imagine you are sitting in a balcony, sipping that hot brew coffee in your right hand and whatever you are holding in your left hand.

and after 5 minutes there goes your neighbor, waving hands and showing smiles on their faces, and in your mind you are thinking, "when would this fellas getting our of here?"

Then suddenly, you realize its time to get up and get ready to go to work, you have 7:00 am sharp shift in the morning.

and finally you're ready, getting your neckties done and your tuxedo fixed, now just couple of walks you've reached the mirror hanging behind your closed doors, looking straight to the person standing in front of it, "you good looking lad!"

oh! 6:30 am! urrrrghh! you forgot the key inside your keyholders on the room, getting lazy to go back, you remember you have spare keys on the kitchen's cabinet rushing to get those spares for you to get to work!

then you get inside your car and warmed up the engine, first try it didn't go well, second try still no, third try! finally! 2 minutes waiting for the car to heat up and you're all set up!

getting off the parking lot, you rushed into work saying good morning to everybody showing smiles to everyone and starting the day like usual! it sparks the beautiful day in your environment with positive energy showing everybody that you have a good day! its a good start!

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