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How can language resolute as a racism if its not delivered right?

Updated: Apr 15

Before going through this topic, I would like to emphasize that this is based only on my personal understanding of social communication that can be a good connection to others or misunderstanding with everyone else. Language: It is the connection that the world share and the fundamental approach to human communication, consisting of words spoken, written, or gestured in a structured and traditional manner.

Everyone has something to say, everyone wants to be understood, communicate with and be heard. It is necessary for every person to express their messages in any ways possible to be understood and connect with. Although, there are factors that can affect results of a certain conversation or a deal.

How can language be resolute as a racism if its not delivered right?

Whenever you are having a normal conversation or intense conversation with your friends, colleagues, and family members, you were trying to deliver your message as clear and friendly as possible or intense and stereotyping that depends on the direction of the conversation. But how can languages be resolute as a racism if its not delivered right?

These are few factors how can language be resolute as a racism if its not delivered right;

  • Misheard words can lead to misinterpretation and misconception of the main purpose of the subject.

  • Tone can also alter the main message of the words you are tying to say, if its a low tone it can give us the idea that its smooth, calm or even sad. If its high or loud, it can be interpret as anger, irritation or feeling of rush.

  • Timing, there are specific moments when we expected to utter the words we want to say, but there are also optimal times to say nice words depending on the circumstances or the person's manner of processing the messages.

  • Different languages, Sometimes even if the message is good or bad, there will no understanding in a conversation if you do not speak the same language.

  • Body language can also signify different things depending on how the individual reacts to every word he/she has to say or tries to deliver.

After sharing you this factors I would like to point out that if you are trying to talk to someone, be mindful of how he/she is gonna react depends on behavior you are showing all through the events of conversation.

Words is a powerful source of information that can be useful to some of us and not for all of us, but sometimes there are ways that using words will give us the control on every events however we want it to be. But this happens both intentional act of racism by using slurs, hate speech as well as through subtle forms of discrimination or perpetuate stereotypes.

In Canada, there are lots of languages spoken like, Punjabi, English, French, Tagalog and more but we all have one major language which is English. Though some people choose to interact in their own languages whenever they are in the same group or ethnicity.

Once in my TTC daily life, I've been riding this bus and minding my own business but unfortunately there is this lady and she's trying to sit beside me and aiming to take all the seat for her so I move over and made it happen, but she suddenly look at me straight with fierce eyes and started talking bad and giving me the attitude while raising her voice, but I didn't give it a bad meaning and avoid the possible outcomes. Maybe she is having a bad day or something happen that she have no control or its me who's being judgmental.

Furthermore, Be patient! you're not always being heard and understood well so be patient in any case possible. So it won't be exchanging of punches and hurtful words is the only way to get out of the scene. Especially TTC has the highest numbers of people in different ethnicity.

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