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Do not decline job opportunities in Canada!

On the first week my stay here in Toronto, I am so afraid with the lots of possibilities that I cannot afford the cost of living here.

but luckily I don't have to think of this on my recent months as I am being supported by my relatives for my shelter, food and allowance.

Of course I won't be supported for a long time so I needed a job to be able to stand on my feet. Being international student, you will always think of how to apply your previous job experiences whenever you are looking for a job?

In my personal experience looking for job, I struggled a lot finding the best job position that I can work on, back in the Philippines they don't actually needed lots of experiences and references at all, just go to establishments with complete legal papers for your application and resume, the possibility of you getting hired is I would say, 85% and 65% if you applied on a larger company like SITEL or Telecommunication.

So, I applied for groceries and supermarket near my place here in Toronto and hoping to get job as fast as possible and certain requirements are needed, after completing the requirements like time availability if part-time, resume and others. But in some instance, employers are accepting applications more often from direct referrals from current employees.

But do no be afraid of trying, Get your resume done, send it to platforms that is offering jobs like LinkedIn, Indeed, Jobs Canada, Facebook, Kijiji and more. This are the easiest way to apply via online application but most of the time its not always effective, maybe because thousands of applicants are sending on the same company that you are trying to apply to.

After getting the job, even if you don't really like it, don't let it slide! cost of living here in Canada is way different than your home country! Inflation and recession is a real thing! No matter what the job is, if its legal and safe don't be lazy and follow their rules and regulations . Unless you wanna live on the streets. LOL!

Here in Canada it is important to know your work limit, you cannot exceed the expectation of others from you, you need to be smart in working with others so they will not take you for granted. And remember, most of the time they will never look for you! if its a big company they can provide you job but don't forget to pay them good work.

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