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Being funny is stressful!

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Meeting different kinds of person is a great way to make friends with them. Some of them are mean, hard headed, stressful, friendly, funny, smiling face and serious.

Although you are not that person that can able to talk to every kind of person, or maybe you are as introverted as a caveman, its not too late for you!

Remember everyone is different, either they have three large eyeballs, four legs or winged humans, of course I'm just making this up!

All I want you to understand is, you can make them friends in anyway you want! and do not be afraid of beating the bush if you make an embarrassing statement or actions! Its part of being the person you want them to understand and they can be friends with, shoot your shot its not too late to step out of your shell and start socializing!

Be fun! or make an obvious simple mistakes! like for example; wear your face in a different ways!, laugh so loud!, be energetic! and most important is be yourself and don't skip class!

Be a person that everybody can think of you as a funny and easygoing person, but do not push yourself in making this an obvious act as an awkward reaction otherwise they will get the wrong idea! Just try to be relevant and entertaining without getting yourself into prison!

Do not forget!

Laughter is the best medicine!

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