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Updated: Apr 15, 2023

When was that last time you went home?

Did you miss home?

What does it means to you?

For me, something nostalgic whenever I hear a word "HOME". This place gives me safe shelter, private space and a place I can enjoy my life freely.

On the very first moment you stepped out of that door, the first time you've learn how to walk on your own. Either running after your dreams nor walking through your darkest days.

After a long day of work, how easing it is to go back home, take a bath and lay down in your bed to get rest, but isn't it every people is doing the same thing you are doing right now? but what's the difference? not much but its the feeling of being safe after meddling into the outside world.

Whenever you are outside of this safe space, going out for a walk, party, work and even traveling you will always feel like you are invincible not getting the hunch of being tired. But after an adventure, you will only think of one thing for sure, HOME.

I got to admit that sometimes whenever I misses home, I always look for a place here in Toronto to enjoy myself so I won't be overthinking it instead.

There is this famous quotes I always hear from random places or people talking about it,

"Home sweet home", or "There's no other place like home".

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