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Hi! I'm Alvin, I'm a motivated dreamer and a current student here in Canada. Throughout my career as a marketing student, I had demonstrated a strong ability to communicate effectively with different types of person regardless of the status and nationality. I had built a reputation as a collaborative and results-driven group mates to my team as we work together.

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My Story

Before I decided to come here in Canada to take my studies into next level, I am a 2nd year college student in the Philippines studying Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, unfortunately after finishing my 2-years of study, because of financial crisis, I couldn't afford the cost of study so I am forced to find a way to finish my studies. But sadly, after months of working to provide my cost of living, I got a life-changing messages from my beloved Aunt and Uncle offering to pursue my studies abroad. Although unavoidable bad chapter happens in our life, we still have a supportive relatives that can provides us support not only emotionally but also in my financial aspects if they can.

So when I decided to accept the offer, I started to complete my requirements and go with the process. Finally the day comes and everything that happens to me back then can only remain on my memories but will never forget as I go through this journey and going through this path I've choose, I can only feel grateful and thankful to all the people that guide me until now.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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